Dulhan Lehnga

dulhan-lehngaDulhan Lehnga – Dulhan is actually called a bride in Urdu. In Pakistan and India bride is called as Dulhan and Groom is called as Dulha. Dulhan lahga is very popular throughout the world. Everybody looks at the dulhan’s lahnga.

Dulhans are all conscious of their dresses but the brides of Asia are most conscious about their wedding designs dresses. The Asian dresses   are very costly and very much popular in the whole world. Asian Dulhan loved to wear lahngas, Embroider dresses on weddings and also these bridals designs contain dulhan lahnga choli, Dulhan Ghrara and also Dulhan Sharara dresses are presents.

Dulhan Gharara and Dulhan Sharara dress for brides are made in Pakistan and India as well. But in Bangladesh and in Sri Lankan dulhans love to wear Sarees and there are manufactured very good sarees. But in Pakistan girls are loved to wear Gharara and Lahnga but these are made by gold wires or embroider by these gold wires.

Dulhan Lehenga is one of the most common and traditional dress of Pakistan and India. It was a time when women wear lehenga in a routine life. Now, however, it is only available for the parties, such as weddings, commitments, and festivals. The whole band made up of full-length skirt, blouse and dupatta. Skirt or lehenga is usually tied with the dulhan’s waist. Reaches below the ankles and some lehenga designs makes the length of lenghas long that it touch to the ground. Shirt, also called a top or choli or blouse, which as well play an important role in this outfit.

Dulhan is now gets much popularity not only in Pakistan and India and other sub-continent also gets popularity in western countries as well. Many of Western countries girls are now loved to have this dulha Lahnga made by Pakistan and India.

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